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All competitions are drawn early if sold out, live draws happen every Mon, Wed & Fri at 6pm!

This competition is now closed, the LIVE draw will be taking place shortly...
Live draw 2nd September 2022 @ 6:00 PM
19999 tickets available
Maximum 500 tickets per person
Tickets Sold: 14541

Instant Wins
Ticket No.PrizeWinner
69£1,000 Cash
140£10 RU Credit
318Nintendo switch lite - Turquoise
737£10 RU Credit
772£10 RU Credit
8675M Govee RGBIC Pro
1045£10 RU Credit
1417£10 RU Credit
1899£10 RU Credit
3494£10 RU Credit
4963£10 RU Credit
5575£10 RU Credit
5727£10 RU Credit
5914£10 RU Credit
6006£10 RU Credit
6122£10 RU Credit
6147£10 RU Credit
6594£10 RU Credit
6674echo dot gen 3
6864£10 RU Credit
7124£10 RU Credit
7379£10 RU Credit
7445£10 RU Credit
7674£10 RU Credit
8636£10 RU Credit
9322£10 RU Credit
10771Razer Nommo
11133£10 RU Credit
11878£10 RU Credit
11969£10 RU Credit
13267Steam Deck
13411£10 RU Credit
13483£10 RU Credit
13513£10 RU Credit
13590£10 RU Credit
136135M Govee RGBIC
13944£10 RU Credit
14377£10 RU Credit
14700£500 Cash
15871£10 RU Credit
16185£10 RU Credit
16359£10 RU Credit
16814lego horizon forbidden west tallneck
16918£10 RU Credit
17150£500 Cash
17456£10 RU Credit
17560Anker SoundCore Mini
18154£10 RU Credit
18333£10 RU Credit
18593Razer Seiren Mini
19065£10 RU Credit
19077£10 RU Credit
19342£10 RU Credit
75Govee Neon Strip 3M Darren Lamb
717£10 RU Credit Justin Stokes
748£10 RU Credit Andrew Osborne
791£100 Andy Fall
808£10 RU Credit Michael Neal
954£100 Richard Burger
1024£10 RU Credit Jamian Palmer
1233£10 RU Credit Alan Bywater
1260£10 RU Credit aidan burton
1330£10 RU Credit James Lawton
1363£10 RU Credit Michael Brown
1447£10 RU Credit Richard King
1517£10 RU Credit Lauren Howard
1533Razer Seiren Mini Andrew Osborne
1604£10 RU Credit Wayne Best
1669Xbox Series X Nancy Antoni
1781£500 Cash Paul Whyte
1867yale Conexis L1 Smart Lock Craig Rowlandson
2019£10 RU Credit Nancy Antoni
2299£10 RU Credit Nathan Harper
2322£10 RU Credit Nick Stopforth
2435£10 RU Credit Michael Lockwood
2447£10 RU Credit Alex Lakey
2471Corsair LT 100 Light Towers Tony Orchard
2472£10 RU Credit Mahalko Bilat
2558£10 RU Credit Daryl Cox
2703£10 RU Credit Paul Whyte
2843£10 RU Credit Andy Fall
2966Anker SoundCore Mini Daryl Cox
3005£10 RU Credit Shawn Appleyard
3488£10 RU Credit Rowena Bowgen
3604£100 Nancy Antoni
3766£10 RU Credit Daniel Smith
3814£10 RU Credit Aaron Clark
3874£10 RU Credit Daryl Cox
3930Nintendo Switch Oled Kim Malster
4001£100 Alexandru Dumitras
4050Ninja 3 in 1 food processor Chris Davies
4052£10 RU Credit Ben Vickers
4146ninja ice cream maker Simon Johnston
4358lego infinity gauntlet Eron Smith
4403£10 RU Credit Emma Monk
4569£10 RU Credit Michael Lockwood
4613£10 RU Credit Mahalko Bilat
4830Anker SoundCore Mini Beau Edwards
4872£10 RU Credit Michael Lockwood
5037£10 RU Credit Joe Day
5100£1000 Cash Michael Brown
5125£10 RU Credit Jack Sullivan
5168£10 RU Credit Mathew Emms
5234£10 RU Credit Michael Brown
5587£10 RU Credit Jordan Whittaker
5683£10 RU Credit Alex Sharp
5690£10 RU Credit Chris Henry
5800£10 RU Credit Harry Kennett
5850£500 Cash mitchell street
6100£10 RU Credit Damien Tattersall
6164£10 RU Credit Michael Neal
6236Corsair vengence rgb pro sl 16Gb 3600 MHz Thomas Bevan
6409Lego Venom Head Michael Brown
7056Playstation 5 Paul Whyte
7155£10 RU Credit Thomas Bevan
7200£10 RU Credit Thomas Bevan
7229£10 RU Credit Aaron Clark
7500£500 Cash Daniel Thomas
7601£10 RU Credit Chris Cox
7693£10 RU Credit vince lambert
7907£10 RU Credit Craig Thompson
7959£10 RU Credit Rhodri Bradshaw
7990£10 RU Credit Lee Mitchell
8307£10 RU Credit Daniel Warren
8326Anker SoundCore Mini Ben Vickers
8342£10 RU Credit Charles Cadman
8474£10 RU Credit Kyle Mclachlan
8481Meta Quest 2 Aaron England
8775Anker SoundCore Motion Boom Ross Camber
8926Anker soundcore flare mini Ryan Pennington
9141£10 RU Credit Matthew Wilson
9147£10 RU Credit David McCallig
9220£10 RU Credit Paul Whyte
9790Anker SoundCore Motion Boom Bridget Ramsay
9853£10 RU Credit Michael Lockwood
9871£10 RU Credit Thomas Bevan
9955£10 RU Credit Dexstar Flesher
10039£100 Rolo Searchfield
10140£10 RU Credit Luke Bray
10154£10 RU Credit mitchell street
10271£500 Cash Michael Lockwood
10381£10 RU Credit Stephen Ritchie
10929£10 RU Credit Daryl Cox
10996Philps Hue light bars Elliot Tame
11174£10 RU Credit Andrew Osborne
11328£10 RU Credit Daryl Cox
12110£10 RU Credit Abi Stubbs
12186£10 RU Credit Paul Whyte
12297Govee light bars Brandon Kirkness
12415£10 RU Credit Daryl Cox
12432£10 RU Credit Ian Aldred
12695£100 Ben Vickers
12806£10 RU Credit Daryl Cox
12859£10 RU Credit Daniel Warren
13037£10 RU Credit Daryl Cox
134345M Govee RGBIC aidan burton
13527beats sudio 3 Jamie Dutton
13961£100 Lewis Stephenson
13976£10 RU Credit Michael Lockwood
14351£10 RU Credit Darren Stuchbery
14555£10 RU Credit Stephen Couch
14976£10 RU Credit Daniel Horne
14983£10 RU Credit Carissa Gray
15031£10 RU Credit Matthew Riley
15160£10 RU Credit Luke Bray
15420£10 RU Credit Charles Ambrose
155085M Govee RGBIC Pro Jake Sims
15693echo dot gen 3 Louie Lian
15916£10 RU Credit alfie brown
15968Anker soundcore flare mini Ashley Boorman
16026£10 RU Credit Gary Curtis
16477£10 RU Credit Ashley Boorman
16835Corsair vengence rgb pro sl 16Gb 3600 MHz Luke Watson
16925£10 RU Credit Michael Lockwood
16945£10 RU Credit Ashley Boorman
17101£10 RU Credit Tony Orchard
17213£10 RU Credit Elliot Tame
17270£10 RU Credit Michael Brown
17308£10 RU Credit Lewis Stephenson
17552Anker SoundCore Mini Tom Naylor
17728£1,000 Michael Lockwood
17792£10 RU Credit Simon Johnston
17905Steam Deck Lee Richardson
18064£10 RU Credit Matthew Keightley
18340£10 RU Credit Beau Edwards
18391£10 RU Credit Richard Oconnor
184715M Govee RGBIC Pro Lee Mitchell
18580£10 RU Credit vince lambert
18581Anker soundcore flare mini Wayne Wilkins
18656£1,000 Adam Nugent
18758£10 RU Credit Sean Wells
18779£10 RU Credit Abi Stubbs
19288£10 RU Credit Thomas Bevan
19335£10 RU Credit Danny Smith
19577echo dot gen 3 Stephan lymn
1962410M Govee RGBIC Ryan Pennington
19682£10 RU Credit Jake Chamberlain
19762£10 RU Credit Stephen Lyons
19910£10 RU Credit Bethany Cross

This competition is open to UK residents aged 17+. You may enter this competition up to 500 times.

You will be allocated your random ticket number(s) when ordering & will receive a confirmation with ticket numbers that have been allocated. You can also view your tickets in My Account.

You may enter the competition online, or for free by post by sending your entry to RaffledUp on a postcard. You must have an account on Raffledup.com for your entry to be processed. All details on your entry MUST correspond to the details on your account to receive the order confirmation and ticket number. Postal entries received without a registered account cannot be processed. Please read our terms & conditions.

You must answer the competition question correctly to be entered into the live draw.

The live draw will take place once the maximum amount of tickets has been reached (19999). If all tickets do not sell out, the draw will happen on September 2, 2022 regardless.

The live draw will take place on “RaffledUp” Facebook page using Google’s random number generator to select the winning ticket number from all Entrants.

This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook, Apple or Google. By entering the competitions, Entrants agree that neither Facebook, Apple nor Google have any liability and are not responsible for the administration or promotion of this competition.

How do I get my number?

After completion of payment, your number(s) will be displayed. They will also be e-mailed to you, and will be available under My Account.

How are the prizes drawn?

The draw is done live on Facebook using a random number generator to determine the winner.

When does the draw take place?

The live draw will take place on September 2, 2022. If all the entries are sold sooner the draw will be brought forward. Keep updated on the confirmed draw date via our Facebook page and website.

What happens if I get an instant win?

If you manage to bag yourself an instant win, to get your prize to you in the quickest way, message us on our Facebook page, if it is a cash instant win, include your account number and sort code in the message, if not, we will go through them every weekday morning!

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