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  • Live Draw July 11, 2020 @ 6:00 pm.
  • Draw takes place regardless of sell out.
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Open to the UK & NI!

WIN this awesome Ender -5 pro 3D printer with 8 different coloured filaments, new glass bed & 10x springs, this is a perfect entry level printer for someone looking to be a little bit creative, all this for JUST £4.69!

Three Upgraded Based on Ender 5 - V1.1.5 Silent Motherboard pre-installed,allowing for quieter and more precise printing performance. Durable Metal Extruder provides strongers pressure while pushing filament through the nozzoles which will bolster the overall printig performance.Capricorn Premium PTFE Tube makes the Creality Ender 5 pro 3d printer better suited to print with flexible filaments and other exotic materials.

Stable Cubic Structure: Creality Ender 5 pro desktop 3d printer has a stable box-like frame and an increased Z-axis reach. It's not only allows for taller prints based on Ender 3 series printer, the more sturdy and steady frame improves precision for both small and big prints.

Resume Printing Function: Ender 5 Pro is shielded by its power supply from voltage spikes and power outages. If electrical power is lost, prints can be resumed from the last layer, saving time and reducing waste.

More stability performance: Equipped with dual Y axis motors and down-shift Z axis, moving more smoothly, fewer points of failure and fewer headaches.

Beginner Friendly - Ender 5 Pro comes with several partially assembled kits, very easy to assemble and allow you to learn about the basic construction of 3D printer.Even if you are a beginner,there is nothing to worried about.

Creality 3D Printer Ender 5 Hotbed Glass Build Plate

About the Creality 3D Printer Glass Plate Heat Bed Ender-5 
1.Better adhesion: Creality superplate covered by microporous coating, shows strong adhesion during printing.
2.High-performance: The silicon carbide glass is of chemical stability, high heat conductivity coefficient and good wear-resistance and can withstand extreme temperature.
3. Reliability: The special coating is inorganic, with its hardness of 7-8 Mohs and heat resistance up to 400 ℃.
4. Easy to clean with water or alcohol. Easy to remove your print by hand or with a scraper.

How to use
1.Clamp the platform to the printer's hot bed.
2.Place the A4 paper on the platform for leveling, and the distance between the nozzle and the platform keeps the A4 paper moving freely.
3.Clean the platform surface with alcohol/water (If there is sweat or oil on the platform, which will lead to stickiness.), Suggested bed temperature may vary depends on the filament material.
4.After finish printing, the viscosity of the platform will gradually decrease as the temperature decreases, and the model can be taken after the temperature of the platform is lowered.

Temperature settings for different filaments:
Flexible filament: 50-70ºC
ABS:100-125ºC (110ºC is recommended)
PC:100-130ºC (120ºC is recommended)
Nelon:90-120ºC (110ºC is recommended)
PP:100-130ºC (120 ºC is recommended)
PETG: 50-70ºC

Material: Special Glass + microporous coatings
Item size: 235*235*3.5MM/9.25*9.25*0.14IN


SUNLU PLA Filament 1kg 1.75mm


1x Carbon Fibre Black

1x Pure Yellow

1x Orange

1x Grey

1x White

1x Green

1x Marble

1x Silk Rainbow


Free postal entry available, please see T&C's


The update & live draw will be on “RaffledUp” Facebook page! Everyone will be allocated a random number(s) when ordering & will recieve a confirmation with ticket numbers that have been allocated. The live draw will take place once the maximum amount of tickets has been reached (256). If all tickets do not sell out, the draw will happen on 11/07/2020 regardless.
You can watch the LIVE draw on our Facebook page - Make sure to follow RaffledUp to keep updated! We will also keep you updated on new & upcoming competition on the page so you legends will never miss out!

You will receive you ticket numbers by email with your confirmation, ticket numbers are also stored in the "My Account" section on the website!

All live draws take place on our Facebook page (RaffledUp) using a random number genorator to find the Lucky Legends!

The live draw will take place on 11/07/2020. If all tickets are sold before, the draw will be brought forward. Keep updated on the live draw via our Facebook page, Newsletter & website!

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