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Come snap up a few tickets for a chance of winning the 17 Nanoleaf light panel set with rhythm, it’s sure to add some light and brighten up you setup!

Product Description

Product 1: Set of 15 Smart LED Panels + 1 Rhythm Module: visualize your music into animated displays of colours and lights

Product 1: RGBW Smart LED Panels – 16,7M colours + Tunable white (warm sunrise to brilliant daylight)

Product 1: Power up to 30 panels with each Nanoleaf Light Panels Controller

Product 1: Connect directly with your Wi-Fi network. No hub or bridge required


Product 2: Set of 3x LED Panels: you must buy the original Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter Kit to make the panels work

Product 2: Dimmable via Nanoleaf App Voice-Controllable via iOS/Siri

Product 2: Apple Home Kit Certified; Apps for iOS and Android

Product 2: Compatible with all Nanoleaf Smarter Series devices. Works with IFTTT


Nanoleaf Smart Light Panels, 15 W, White
Introducing the Nanoleaf Light Panels Smarter kit – Rhythm Edition taking the original Nanoleaf light panels to a new level. Using the technology from the Rhythm Module to transform your panels into visual displays of light and colour from your Music. Connect the LED panels together in a range of different shapes and patterns to coincide with your lifestyle and personality. Taking you away from traditional bulbs and fixtures for lighting with a forward looking smart lighting experience to adapt to your preferences. COMING with 15 light panels LED tiles and the Rhythm Module as standard, you can add up to another 15 panels (30 max in total) and use the free Nanoleaf Smarter series app to operate and bathe in a stunning array of colourful light. Use your own soundtracks to create immersive symphonies of light and Music. The Nanoleaf Rhythm module allows you to physically see sound with the ability to adapt to set different moods for different themes and occasions.

Nanoleaf – Light Panels Expansion Pack – 3x Panels
p> Meet the perfect fusion of lighting design and technology, a smart lighting product unlike anything you’ve seen before. The Nanoleaf Light Panels were made for those with a love of artful design and for those who live life to the fullest. Wake up to the sunrise, improve your mood with stunning colors, and automate your lighting throughout the day. This is your canvas. This is your life. This is your journey.

We created the Light Panels for you. If you’ve got a lighting desire, we’ve got an app for that. All Nanoleaf Smarter Series products can be operated via our iOS or Android app. Basic functions also work with the Home app in iOS10. Light up your creativity with this Nanoleaf Light Panels Expansion Pack. It contains three LED panels and three panel connectors, along with mounting strips and stencils for convenience.

Power this Nanoleaf Light Panels Expansion Pack with the original Smarter kit power supply, which can handle seven expansions for bigger, more personalized designs.

Free entry available, please see below.


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