5X £1,000 CASH 120 INSTANT WINS!

£1.99Per Entry


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This competition is now closed, the LIVE draw will be taking place shortly...
Live draw 19th August 2022 @ 8:00 PM
17387 tickets available
Maximum 1000 tickets per person
Tickets Sold: 15527


The instant wins include 3 PC’s, consoles and a BLOODY STEAM DECK 512GB, for just £1.99!


If you bag yourself an instant win, you will be notified and so will we, if it is a physical prize, we will have it posted out the next working day on a 24 hour delivery, credit will be automaticly allocated to your account in the form of points!


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Matthew Baker

“Hi mate,
Please find attached a couple of photos of me with the winnings semi organised around me. I’m still in shock, but slowly working through everything and trying to figure out where to put it all. First thing that got set up was the PC which is amazing! Thank you so much for doing what you do, you have changed my life.
Instant Wins
Ticket No. Prize Winner
1440 £10 RU Credit
3024 Playstation 5
4320 £10 RU Credit
5904 £10 RU Credit
6048 3060TI Gaming PC
6480 £10 RU Credit
7056 £10 RU Credit
11952 Xbox Series X
13248 £10 RU Credit
15840 £10 RU Credit
144 £10 RU Credit Thomas Bevan
288 £10 RU Credit Lukasz Melski
432 £10 RU Credit Andy Spinks
576 Xbox Series X Thomas Bevan
720 £10 RU Credit Jack Rochford
864 £10 RU Credit Rick West
1008 £10 RU Credit matthew hudson
1152 £10 RU Credit Daryl Cox
1296 £10 RU Credit Adam Turner
1584 £10 RU Credit Jack Booth
1728 3070 Gaming PC Shaun Humphreys
1872 £10 RU Credit Adam Wilkinson
2016 £10 RU Credit Jordan Carson-Lee
2160 £10 RU Credit Andrew Gearey
2304 Nintendo Switch Oled Alan Cox
2448 Meta Quest 2 Joanne Wallace
2592 £10 RU Credit Joe Cory
2736 £10 RU Credit Scott mcintosh
2880 £10 RU Credit Jamie Shawcross
3168 £10 RU Credit Lewis Stephenson
3312 £10 RU Credit Daniel Dan
3456 Xbox Series X Ryan Pennington
3600 £10 RU Credit mitchell street
3744 £10 RU Credit Jason Langford
3888 £10 RU Credit Thomas Bevan
4032 £10 RU Credit Paul Whyte
4176 £10 RU Credit todd hansford
4464 £10 RU Credit Alex Sharp
4608 Playstation 5 Nathan Green
4752 £10 RU Credit Michael Lockwood
4896 £10 RU Credit Luke Bray
5040 £10 RU Credit Ash Newton
5184 £10 RU Credit Simon Johnston
5328 Nintendo Switch Oled Bradley Young
5472 £10 RU Credit Richard Baumber
5616 £10 RU Credit Chris Graur
5760 £10 RU Credit Rebecca Flynn
6192 £10 RU Credit Thomas Bevan
6336 £10 RU Credit Derrick Lucas
6624 £10 RU Credit Phil Pallot
6768 Steam deck 512GB Paul Whyte
6912 £10 RU Credit David Clery
7200 Playstation 5 David Clery
7344 Meta Quest 2 Daniel Stanway
7488 £10 RU Credit Lee Bywater
7632 £10 RU Credit Stephan lymn
7776 £10 RU Credit Abbie McCrickerd
7920 £10 RU Credit Daniel Warren
8064 £10 RU Credit Wayne Best
8208 £10 RU Credit Jordan Carson-Lee
8352 £10 RU Credit Adam Turner
8496 £10 RU Credit Jamie Shawcross
8640 £10 RU Credit Craig Langford
8784 £10 RU Credit Darren Stuchbery
8928 Meta Quest 2 Craig Langford
9072 £10 RU Credit Ryan Pennington
9216 £10 RU Credit Ben Dobkin
9360 £10 RU Credit Carissa Gray
9504 £10 RU Credit Tara Jones
9648 £10 RU Credit Craig Richardson
9792 £10 RU Credit Luke Taylor
9936 £10 RU Credit Lukasz Melski
10080 £10 RU Credit Alan Bywater
10224 £10 RU Credit Josephine McGuiness
10368 Nintendo Switch Lite Daniel Dan
10512 £10 RU Credit David Clery
10656 £10 RU Credit Stephen Hughes
10800 £10 RU Credit Patrick Hughes
10944 £10 RU Credit Tom Duncan
11088 £10 RU Credit Harry Davies
11232 £10 RU Credit matthew hudson
11376 £10 RU Credit Scott mcintosh
11520 £10 RU Credit Rolo Searchfield
11664 £10 RU Credit Jack Stanford
11808 £10 RU Credit Dominic Cragg
12096 £10 RU Credit Jamian Palmer
12240 £10 RU Credit Alex Davis
12384 £10 RU Credit Jonathan Czunys
12528 Nintendo Switch Oled Alex Davis
12672 £10 RU Credit Lord Mike Beling
12816 £10 RU Credit Brandon Kirkness
12960 £10 RU Credit Keenan Robinson
13104 £10 RU Credit David Clery
13392 £10 RU Credit Kirsty Knibbs
13536 £10 RU Credit Andrew Osborne
13680 3060 Gaming PC Jonny Hawkins
13824 £10 RU Credit Christopher Stephenson
13968 £10 RU Credit Thomas Bevan
14112 £10 RU Credit Richard Burger
14256 £10 RU Credit Stephan lymn
14400 £10 RU Credit Harry Davies
14544 £10 RU Credit Thomas Bevan
14688 £10 RU Credit Shaun Humphreys
14832 £10 RU Credit Alan Bywater
14976 £10 RU Credit Thomas Rodgers
15120 £10 RU Credit Jack Booth
15264 £10 RU Credit Paul Fludder
15408 £10 RU Credit Lee Bywater
15552 Nintendo Switch Lite Paul Whyte
15696 £10 RU Credit Ryan Walton
15984 Nintendo Switch Lite Jason Langford
16128 £10 RU Credit David McCallig
16272 £10 RU Credit Thomas Bevan
16416 £10 RU Credit Andrew Osborne
16560 £10 RU Credit Katie Slaney
16704 £10 RU Credit Steve Holmes
16848 £10 RU Credit Francesca Ridley
16992 £10 RU Credit Alan Bywater
17136 £10 RU Credit Thomas Bevan
17280 £10 RU Credit Scott mcintosh

This competition is open to UK residents aged 17+. You may enter this competition up to 1000 times. You will be allocated your random ticket number(s) when ordering & will receive a confirmation with ticket numbers that have been allocated. You can also view your tickets in My Account. You may enter the competition online, or for free by post by sending your entry to RaffledUp on a postcard. You must have an account on Raffledup.com for your entry to be processed. All details on your entry MUST correspond to the details on your account to receive the order confirmation and ticket number. Postal entries received without a registered account cannot be processed. Please read our terms & conditions. You must answer the competition question correctly to be entered into the live draw. The live draw will take place once the maximum amount of tickets has been reached (17387). If all tickets do not sell out, the draw will happen on August 19, 2022 regardless. The live draw will take place on “RaffledUp” Facebook page using Google’s random number generator to select the winning ticket number from all Entrants. This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook, Apple or Google. By entering the competitions, Entrants agree that neither Facebook, Apple nor Google have any liability and are not responsible for the administration or promotion of this competition.

How do I get my number?

After completion of payment, your number(s) will be displayed. They will also be e-mailed to you, and will be available under My Account.

How are the prizes drawn?

The draw is done live on Facebook using a random number generator to determine the winner.

When does the draw take place?

The live draw will take place on August 19, 2022. If all the entries are sold sooner the draw will be brought forward. Keep updated on the confirmed draw date via our Facebook page and website.

What happens if I get an instant win?

If you manage to bag yourself an instant win, to get your prize to you in the quickest way, message us on our Facebook page, if it is a cash instant win, include your account number and sort code in the message, if not, we will go through them every weekday morning!

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